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If you’ve used the internet to research and find quit products, you’ve probably come across several quit support forums. These are forums that focus on helping people quitting by offering advice, incentives and support to those quitting. But I want to play the role of a devil’s follower and ask if they are useful.

When you want to quit smoking, you may be overwhelmed by the whole range of information and products available to help you quit smoking. You may also be surprised by the number of quit support forums and the advice given by the members of these forums. Remember that anecdotally, anyone who has quit smoking will promote a method that has worked for them just as well as I recommend a very successful cognitive behavioural therapy approach.

I firmly believe that all chemically supported (nicotine replacement therapy, chantix, zyban, etc.) or alternative interventions (hypnosis, acupuncture, laser treatment, herbal remedies) to quit smoking are unnecessary. Why is this? Because I believe that everyone is able to think logically and with a good teacher, you can learn everything. It was by understanding the enemy (nicotine by the way) and learning how to overcome his attacks that I quit smoking.

Stopping smoking in smoker support forums can help you learn how to defeat the enemy, but by their very nature they are disorganized and cluttered through a combination of useful tips and social commentary. Social things simply stand in the way of your true concentration – unless you just want to spend time online, of course! If you want to know something, a concentrated source of information is better than a wandering forum!

I believe that when you quit smoking, it is best to do it when you learn how to do it. To give you an analogy, I wouldn’t try to replace the brake hoses in my car unless I’ve been given instructions that show me how to do it. Some people are guessing who is more exposed to brake fluid all over the roadway and brake failure around the corner? Not me!

So what did you learn how to quit smoking is about quitting in smoker support forums? Well, if you have already learned how to quit smoking, there will be a few things obvious to you and you will not need any support.

First of all, you will have no doubt about your decision to quit smoking. You will be 100% sure that you have made the right choice. If you don’t know how to quit smoking, you may miss this important step. It’s a bit like choosing a toothpaste. Choosing a toothpaste is such an innocent decision that you never give it a second one. You simply decide what kind of toothpaste you want (probably smokers of toothpaste!) to grab the toothpaste and go on. You are not wondering if this was the right decision. This should also be the case if you stop smoking.

Secondly, if you have learned to quit smoking, you will already be studying your enemy. It is also a well-researched enemy and there is little unknown about it. Your enemy is nicotine. His attack rules are the same every time he attacks and never changes his tactics. The same triggers are always there and your reactions are what made you smoke for so long. Because it’s a mindless enemy, with only one type of attack on every opportunity, it’s easy to defeat – after you’ve learned how!

I’m always amazed at the frequency of posts in quit smoking support forums where people cry out for help on the forums that they suffer from an unparalleled craving. If you know your enemy, you can easily deal with his attacks and celebrate every victory.

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